Pittstown Point – Crooked Island

I can come up with several excuses for why it’s taking me so long to update the rest of our Bahamian honeymoon, but I’ll spare you from that and share with you instead!

The wind has been blowing unusually strong the past few days in the Bahamas, and the wind factor usually makes for some interesting and sometimes challenging  flights in a single-engine Cessna 172.  For whatever reason (strong winds, general flying anxiety and not wanting to leave our luxurious accommodations at Grand Isle), I was really nervous about our next hop to Crooked Island.

After a smooth and safe one hour flight, we landed at Pittstown Point.  I wasn’t quite sure how our accommodations were going to work out here.  I imagined we would take a short taxi ride to a hotel, like we’ve done at all the other islands we’ve visited so far.  No, not this one.  We just left the plane parked in the grass along side the runway and walked with our luggage about a hundred yards or so down a dirt road to our clean, quiet, tastefully decorated cottage with the most amazing view we have had in the Bahamas so far.  Twenty paces, door to water!

Not the same kind of luxury we experienced at Grand Isle, but a luxury indeed.  And  the best part about this place……we’re the only guests here!  There’s nothing unusual about the manager on duty giving us the keys to the bar and asking us to just write down any alcohol we consume…..and telling us to help ourselves to whatever’s in the kitchen!

We’ve learned that Crooked Island is a secret hot spot for fishing and diving.  You can see from the photos the reef that outlines the island.  There is a cliff under the water where the ocean floor suddenly drops off.  This underwater spectacle attracts marine biologists from around the world.  Unfortunately, Dirk and I didn’t get to dive.  The general manager of the lodge, who is also a dive master, left the day we arrived and returned the day before we left.  So, diving wasn’t an option — but fishing was!  Our guide, Shakey, took us on a fishing adventure in the island flats where Dirk and I both caught a few bone fish as well as some conch — which we ate for dinner several hours later.

We can’t get over the beauty of this island and the warmth and hospitality of its locals.  The population on Crooked Island is around 250 people and about half of them are related in some way.   We will definitely return to Crooked Island on our next trip to the Bahamas and we highly reccommend visiting if the following desires apply to you — pure relaxation, mixed with a little adventure, friendly faces, and the most pristine, unspoiled beaches you’ve ever seen in your life!

And if you’re lucky enough to be there when Cynthia and Andy are running the ship, you’ll wake every morning to delicious fresh baked bread and get to chill out on the beach with Andy’s one of kind cocktails and an unexpected playlist!  I have to confess…..Andy’s playlist was the cherry on top of my Crooked Island experience.  Oh, yes, and Andy also does a hysterical (and accurate) impression of the Swiss olympic curling team!

We’re debating about where to go next.  Complete independence requires apt decision making skills!  Cat Island is on our radar, but we also want another chance to visit Staniel Cay — if the crosswind will allow us!

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3 Responses to Pittstown Point – Crooked Island

  1. krystal says:

    jennifer! what comes next?!

  2. Kelly says:

    Hi! Krystal sent me over here. Loving the bahama photos it looks so so pretty!

  3. sophia says:

    Wow, I sooo wanna be in that place!

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